Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ana's Room

This is my baby's room.  Well she's not quite a baby anymore.  
She's almost 8 years old, but she's my baby. 

I definitely went for a girlie feel in this room.  I wanted warm pink walls and I found the most fabulous color, Opal by Benjamin Moore.  I actually have used this color before in our old house and used it at its regular strength.  This room is larger and brighter, so I customized the color to 150% it's strength and it turned out just right.  

I found the chandelier at a flea market back in Virginia.  I gave it a more whimsical feel by adding ribbon and heart ornaments.  Small touches are what give a room character.

This green rug was the inspiration and starting point for the bedroom.  I found the bedding and curtains and it all came together.

It's all in the details.  Every room needs personal touches.  This is the best part of the whole process and is what defines your space.  A room should be a collection of your life, treasures you have picked up along the way, and things that are important to you.  The trick is displaying them in a way that is simple and not too cluttered.

I've had this great green dresser for a little while but I wanted to update it for her new room.  These fun polka-dot knobs gave it a whole new look.  You can give furniture in your home a facelift pretty inexpensively.

I had to add this picture because my little Ana loves her books.  When she was a baby in her crib, she insisted on having stacks of books surrounding her while she slept.  Things haven't changed much.  She still has a stack of books wherever she goes.  It's not uncommon for her to be reading while trying to give her a bath, brush her teeth or get her ready for school or bed.  I love it and hope it never changes.  Surround them with what they love, right?

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