Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Dining Room and Kitchen

Here's a glimpse into my own home. I thought I'd first share with you the space where we spend the majority of our time. 

I love the arched doorways in our home.  They add charm and frame that first impression in any given room. This dining room table was the first furniture purchase that Bryan and I made together 16 years ago.  The chairs I picked up at a local antique store and the rug is from TJMaxx.  I wanted to keep this room light and bright so I used semi-sheer material for my curtains.  The stillness and serenity of this picture is great, but everyday after school this table is transformed; strewn with homework, art projects, and snacks.  I love it!  In the evening it is where we eat dinner and talk about everyone's day.  The kitchen and dining room really are the heart of our home.

Don't you think fresh flowers make any room feel inviting?  I do.    

I love blue and white.  I was surrounded by it growing up.  My mother has the most amazing touches of blue and white all over her home.  Not only am I in love with the color combo but I feel a sentimental tie to it because of my mom.  
I love to decorate with plates (that's a whole other post I'm working on, stay tuned).  When I hung this painted tray pictured above on my wall, I knew it needed something else to make it more interesting.  The blue and white plate adds color contrast and is the perfect partner to the tray.

I love the impact that a collection of hung plates can create.  

Because I have a lot of blue and white in our home, I wanted to paint my walls a harmonious color that would go with everything.  My general rule of thumb is to keep all the living space one color throughout to create continuity.  My main floor is painted filmy green by Sherwin Williams.  

My collection of blue bottles make me happy.  I have them sitting on the window sill above my sink.  Often they are filled with single stem flowers from my garden that my girls have picked.  I have collected these over the years and feel like I've won the lottery when I find a new one.  Displaying your own collections is what makes your home feel like yours.

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