Monday, November 14, 2011

So you're ready to make some changes...

in your home...where do you start?  The easiest place to begin is by starting an idea book. When I meet with new clients, I ask them to have some inspiration photos ready to show me their style and taste.  

  Here is an example of my inspiration folder.  I started it years ago by tearing out pages from magazines of design style I loved.  Long before we started remodeling our house, I had a folder stuffed with ideas from my favorite websites and magazines.  It was kind of like having my own personal style library with images of rooms, furniture and paint color (even random paint samples I loved).

By the time we were ready to purchase new sofas and start making big changes, I felt like I had a pretty clear direction of where I wanted to go based on the pictures I had collected.  Even today my inspiration folder serves as a good reference point for project ideas I am working on.

 Some of my favorite magazines to pull inspiration from are House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Veranda, Architectural Digest, and Cottage Living.  I also love online magazines such as Lonny, TradHome, and Rue.  I also get great ideas from catalogues like Anthropologie, JCrew, and Serena and Lily.  Even when I'm window shopping, I'll snap pictures on my phone of things that I love.  I hang on to the magazines that are packed full of beautiful ideas and things that interest me (which seem to be a lot based on the piles of magazines around me).

Even if you think you're a few years from making design changes, go ahead and start your inspiration binder today.  Begin by cutting out images you love in your favorite catalogs, magazines and websites and I think you'll have fun seeing your ideas come together.  Maybe you'll use your inspiration book tomorrow or in a year, but it can be a great resource for when you're ready to make your space unforgettable.

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  1. Great idea! I do the same thing, but keep it all on my computer... It's helped me pinpoint styles I'm drawn to- sometimes even unconsciously. Really good advice, thanks!