Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decking the Halls!

What's not to love about Christmas time?
I get so excited to decorate for Christmas and love how warm and cozy my house feels when the tree is all lit up and the fire is going.

Usually I glam up my mantle with a big garland and lights and decor.  This year I wanted to simplify a little, so I used fresh pine boughs along with a couple of other types of fresh greens available this time of year and went with it.  I like the earthy feel that it has. 

My tree is filled with ornaments collected through the years on our travels.  It's so fun to hang those ornaments and remember those fun memories of trips and times together.  I also love the ornaments that my kids have made at school and various places.  This year, my 7 year old made a bunch of paper bows and ornaments that I'm crazy about!

At Christmas, I always pull out my Grandmother's old collection of wood dolls that my Grandfather brought home for her after serving in Europe in World War II.  Each one is hand done and definitely one of my prized treasures.
My girls both take guitar.  Best thing we ever did!  I love to listen to them sing and practice everyday.  Usually they are strumming and singing to Taylor Swift or the Beatles or some other fabulous artist, but at my daughters last lesson, she really wanted to learn the song "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  I don't know if you have heard it or not, but boy, it's hard to keep a straight face as she belts it out in full vibrato, strumming along.  Pretty funny memory.  My older daughter is learning to pick on her guitar right now and I could listen to "Silent Night" forever.  

We have elves that visit our home during the Christmas season.  They come first on Thanksgiving night with some new warm pajamas and through the Christmas season the girls and the elves exchange notes.  The girls love this tradition and it is so fun to watch the excitement.

A few more random pictures...

Are you ready for Christmas?  Enjoy time with family and friends.  That is what makes this time of year so great!  What are your traditions?


  1. I am crazy about the angel by your fireplace! Where is it from? And I love the doll collection you inherited. Beautiful & meaningful.

  2. I love the fresh pine and wooden dolls. Looks magical!

  3. It's bright and cheery and warm. Your tree brings a smile to my face!

  4. I hope to be serenaded soon to by my favorite 7 year old singing "I Want a Hippo for Christmas!"

  5. Your home looks so gorgeous..... I wouldn't expect anything less from you.... Have a Merry Christmas, fun filled birthday and a Happy New Year....

  6. The hippo song is one of my favorites to sing around the house. My husband hates it :)I love those wooden dolls!

  7. Beautiful! I love it all. What a cozy home you must have.

  8. I love that your christmas decor is definitely collected and sentimental. That's what Christmas is all about, right!? Really beautiful job! And your elf, Quigley- that's awesome. I'm sure it makes the whole month exciting for your girls.